Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wicked: The Witches of Oz

If you are in love with Theatrical Musicals then you must have heard of Wicked. The musical debuted way back in 2003 in San Francisco has grown out to be a sensation in the theatrical world. Over 5000 performances since it's debuted, Wicked is now 19th longest theatrical show running on West end of London and the 10th longest on Broadway. Spanning over 2h 30m approximately has a 15 minute interval in between. The show's story line in based on the combinations of 1995 Gregory Maguire's Novel, 1939 Movie's alternate ending (The Wizard of Oz) and 1900 classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The musical produced by Universal Stage Productions has grossed $4 billion worldwide tells a very beautiful classical stories in a very modern and great depiction of pop culture. The story telling as nostalgic as it is also appeals to the new world out there with ever so addicting music for your ears the penning job of Stephen Schwartz. With music catalog comprising of numbers such as "One Short Day" and "As long as you're mine" are sure to amaze you.

The Sets and the whole cast's performances are yet more powerful than ever. The whole musical no matter how many times you see it becomes more of a feast for your senses that you can never have enough of. Wicked also shows a variety of emotions going on during the whole show especially Elphaba and Galinda's relationship shows all there is to friendship all the journey depicts the ups and the downs, jealousy and all the forgiveness. A single relationship in the play shows a lot more than you go to see, the beautiful duet chemistry between them just makes you feel what friendship is.

London production announced of another extension to Wicked meaning another 500,000 new tickets will be on sale and opportunity for the musical's fans to go see Wicked again and again. With it's Broadway shows and North American Shows still running don't miss your chance to see Wicked. Be sure to buy your Wicked Tickets from TicketsLot and check their Show Schedules here.